Postpone Buying New Carpet By Having Your Old Carpet Cleaned And Repaired

1 November 2022
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If your home has old carpet that's showing its age, but you don't want to buy new carpet just yet, talk to a carpet cleaning and repair professional. You may be surprised at how cleaning a carpet can restore its appearance by removing dirt, stains, and odors. The carpet may not look exactly like it's new, but it can have an improved appearance that looks good enough to allow you to postpone getting new carpet for a while, especially if you keep up with occasional carpet cleaning. Here's how a carpet cleaning and repair professional can restore your carpet. 

Use Products that Lift Stains And Odors

A professional carpet cleaner knows what products work on each type of stain. They can use odor neutralizers to get rid of pet odors and use cleaners that work on dirt and spills. If you know where pets have made messes on the floor, be sure to point those out so the cleaner doesn't miss any when they work on your carpet.

Getting rid of odors and lifting out stains is an important part of restoring your carpet. If stains are set and can't be lifted, the carpet repair professional might have to cut out the stains and patch in new pieces of carpet as long as there are only a few patches needed.

Pull Up Dirt And Fluff Carpet Fibers

Professional carpet cleaning machines have strong suction so they can pull up deep dirt as they clean. You may want to vacuum your carpet thoroughly before the carpet cleaner arrives to get rid of surface dirt and grit.

The cleaner may use a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer that washes the carpet fibers and pulls dirt from deep in the carpet. Then they extract as much water as possible so the fibers are nearly dry when they are finished.

Repair Loose And Damaged Carpet

If your carpet is loose and wrinkled, the repair professional may stretch it and secure it tightly so the wrinkles are removed and so the carpet is flat against the floor again. Repairing damage can be a little more tricky. A possible problem is finding carpet to use for a patch that blends in well enough that the patch isn't noticeable.

Once your carpet is clean, the repair professional might find new carpet that is a close match and that will eventually match even better once the carpet shows wear. If that's not possible, they may cut a repair patch out of the old carpet that's hidden under a couch or in a closet. It's possible to patch carpet so the patch isn't noticeable as long as the color and fibers match by seaming the edges to the old carpet and then blending the fibers together.

Repairs plus cleaning could make your carpet look years younger and smell better too. You could have carpet you're happy with for much less cost than buying brand new carpet.

Contact a local carpet cleaning and repair service to learn more.