Why Choose Softwash Roof Cleaning?

15 August 2022
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Roofs protect houses and apartments from rain, snow, hail, and debris. Your roof directs water into your gutter and keeps your home cool and insulated from the heat of the sun. However, roofs need to be cleaned and maintained, just like other parts of your home. Here are four reasons to choose softwash roof cleaning for your roof maintenance needs:

1. Eradicate moss and algae from your roof.

Dirt tends to accumulate on surfaces that aren't cleaned regularly. However, moss and algae can also grow on roofs. This is especially true in humid areas that receive a significant amount of rainfall. Moss and algae can grow roots in your shingles, degrading their structural integrity over time. Softwash roof cleaning chemicals contain fungicides that are ideal for destroying mold, moss, and algae so they can be gently washed away.

2. Avoid damaging your roof with high pressure.

Pressure washing is a great choice for cleaning your driveway, sidewalks, and even house siding. However, pressure washing may not be ideal for many roofs. The high pressure generated by regular pressure washers can damage roof shingles, leading to expensive repairs. Softwash roof cleaning utilizes special cleaning chemicals designed to break down dirt, moss, and algae. These chemicals remove the need for vigorous mechanical cleaning, which means you can get your roof as clean as possible without the risk of damaging it with pressure washers.

3. Enjoy a cleaner, more pristine roof.

Roofs are easily overlooked, but the appearance of your roof plays a role in contributing to the overall look of your home. A roof that is marred with dark spots of mold, algae, and dirt can cause your entire home to look disheveled and unsightly. Softwash roof cleaning will remove surface dirt as well as deep stains. This type of roof cleaning can restore your shingles to their original color, giving back the beauty of your home in its original state.

4. Save yourself the trouble and danger of roof self-cleaning.

Softwash roof cleaning can be performed by trained roof cleaning professionals. These professionals are adequately trained and insured to reduce the risk of accidents on your property. Hiring roof cleaners to take care of your roof cleaning needs can save you several weekends that you might otherwise spend cleaning it yourself. Not to mention, hiring specialty roof cleaners can keep you safe since you won't have to scale a ladder and precariously balance in order to wash your own roof.