Mold Remediation In Your Rental Units: It's Important And Here's Why

28 March 2022
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Here's a reality check: pretty much every single home has mold or mold spores in it (even the new ones). Here's another fact: most molds are not even dangerous. If this is the case, why is mold remediation so important? 

If mold covers a large area of the home or is found in several locations, then it's wise to contact a mold remediation specialist to remove the mold spores so more mold will not grow. Since mold doesn't need a lot to grow and lots of homes aren't properly ventilated to allow for air flow, it's easy for mold to just crop up and become an issue.

If you own rental units and have a mold problem, it's wise to have mold remediation done ASAP. Even if the mold isn't causing serious problems and really can't be seen, you're responsibility as a landlord is to keep properties rent-ready and free of mold, even more so than you should for the property you live in. Why is mold remediation important for your rental units when mold is often no big deal? Here's why.

Your tenants may notice the mold

If your tenants see mold, even just a little, they may rightfully complain. This leads to you having to have mold remediation done as well as having the mold identified so your tenants know they're not exposed to toxic mold (a rare, but very serious, black mold). It's wise to have mold remediation done before you rent your units out so your tenants are less likely to run into mold spores as part of their daily living.

Your tenants may attempt legal action

If your tenants find mold in your rental units, they may attempt to take legal action against you to get out of their leases, get their deposits back, or have you pay for medical bills that may or may not be related to mold exposure. Your job is to be a reliable landlord who provides a safe environment for your tenants, even if they are the ones potentially making their rentals prone to mold growth. It's a lot cheaper to have mold remediation done a few times a year than it is to deal with disgruntled tenants, so have the bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of your rental units checked regularly. Your tenants will see you are a thorough and responsible landlord, and you'll have documentation showing you have done mold remediation should mold become an actual issue in the future.

To learn more about mold remediation, contact a mold removal company.