Carpet Cleaning: Why It's Best to Go Pro

5 August 2021
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Shampooing carpets has long been the bane of many homeowners' cleaning schedules. While hardwood or tile floors only require a mop or broom, carpets simply require more effort when it comes to ensuring they are completely clean. Considering how extensive of an area carpet covers, especially in living rooms and bedrooms, one would want to guarantee they only have the cleanest floor beneath their feet. Here are just a few reasons why using a professional carpet cleaning service is an excellent investment to make in one's home. 

Safety First

Dirty carpets can host a surprisingly large number of hazards when it comes to health. Debris that is brought into the home from contact through shoes and pets can include bacteria, fecal matter, pests, and even viruses. Though requiring visitors to take off their shoes beforehand will certainly assist in keeping carpets cleaner, not all contamination can be eliminated. Allergens that are trapped within the fibers of the carpet can cause irritation and distress to those who are sensitive and can become a danger to younger children or those with compromised immune systems. Scheduling a carpet cleaning will greatly reduce and even completely eliminate these hazards from the floor's of one's home, leaving behind a cleaner and safer living space. 

Moving Into a New Home

Moving to a new residence is the perfect opportunity to clean carpets. Especially for older homes, a clean carpet is a must before any furniture is moved in. This will ensure that any residual stains or discoloration is taken care of before the big move-in day. A helpful tip to remember regarding carpet cleaning for a new home is to schedule appropriately. Because carpets may still be damp following a cleaning treatment, it is best to complete the service a few days ahead of time just to be on the safe side. While carpet cleaning services guarantee a dry carpet immediately after, this is simply a precaution before moving in any furniture that will make contact with the floor. 

Pristine and Clean

Nothing beats the look and feel of a fresh carpet. Pets having an accident, a child spilling a bowl of spaghetti, or an adult accidentally knocking over a glass of red wine are all situations many find themselves in. What is left behind is often an unsightly stain that could be very stubborn to remove. Using a professional cleaning service will ensure that stains are removed using a treatment that is specially formulated to the type of carpet one has in a gentle and effective process that leaves behind a clean floor. Asking for a preventative treatment after the cleaning process is completed will help prevent further stains from discoloring the carpet and will leave homeowners with the peace of mind to know their floors are not only brilliantly clean but solidly protected. 

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