Recommendations To Repair And Restore Your Home's Damaged Carpeting

25 January 2021
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Pets are a great addition to your household and are an important member of your family even though they may walk on four legs. However, pets can cause some damage to your carpeting and other home surfaces, making it necessary to clean up stains, patch holes, and repair other damage that can occur in your carpeting from your pet's activities. Here are some tips to help you keep your carpet looking great with the right types of repair processes to keep it intact.

Repair Loose Carpet

Your carpeting can begin to ripple and loosen from its position along the floor for several reasons. Areas of high traffic in your home, sliding heavy furniture over the carpeting, the wrong type of padding or carpet backing, and too much humidity or moisture in the carpeting can all cause your carpet to ripple. If your pet has caused pet stains in the past and you used too much moisture to clean up the stain, this can leave the carpet to ripple, which causes a tripping hazard. 

Contact your carpet repair professional to stretch your carpeting and remove the dangers and unsightliness of the carpet rippling. They will need to access your carpet's entire area to stretch the carpeting and smooth out the ripples, so be sure you remove all your furniture from the room before the appointment.

Patch Damage

Another type of damage your pet may cause your carpeting is a hole in the carpeting or ragged edges along a carpet seam that they have lifted up. Your pet may be trying to dig a hole to the outdoors near a doorway or dig into the carpeting to get at an odor they smell, and in the process, your carpeting ends up with loose fibers and carpet backing showing through the surface.

Fortunately, your carpet repair professional can repair the damage with a carpet patch that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding carpeting. They will cut out the area of damage and position a new carpet piece into the area, securing it into place.

You can complete your own patch as well, as long as you have a piece of carpet remnant that matches exactly. Cut out the damaged area and cut a matching piece of carpet from the remnant along with any fibers that stick out from the repair patch. Be sure you recognize the carpet's nap and place the patch into the hole so the nap matches. Use carpet tape to adhere the patch into place.

Reach out to a local carpet repair service to get additional help or to learn more.