Should You Have Your Home Tested For Mold? 4 Reasons Why You Should

28 July 2020
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Mold is something you definitely do not want in your home. If you have a mold problem, it can be very costly to repair. Mold can occur for a number of reasons, including water damage from a leak or some other type of moisture problem. If your home isn't insulated enough, or it overly-insulated, you could end up with a mold problem. Mold can sometimes be detected by sight, but there are times when mold isn't this easily detected. If you think you may have a mold problem, or you aren't sure at all, you should have your home tested. Read on for a few reasons why you should have your home tested for mold.

1. Someone In Your Home Has Breathing Problems.

If you have someone in your home that has health concerns such as breathing problems or allergies, you should have your home tested for mold. Some of these issues could be aggravated by the mold growing in your home. If they seem to worsen while you are home, it may be something in your home causing the problem. Undetected mold may be the reason why. If you or someone in your home has any of these health issues, talk to a mold inspection company about having your home tested.

2. Your Home Has Had Water Damage

If your home has had any water damage, you could have a mold issue. If you had your home repaired after the water damage, but you want to be sure it was repaired correctly, you should have your home tested. You could potentially have a mold problem lurking behind your walls or beneath your floors if the water damage was not repaired properly.

3. Your Home Smells Musty

If you smell a musty smell or it smells like a wet, moisture odor, you may have a mold problem lurking in your home. This smell could simply be how your home smells and just smells musty, or it could be mold. To be sure, have your home tested. You could have mold or mildew in your basement or crawl space and it should be repaired to prevent health issues from inhaling these musty odors.

4.  You See Mold

If you actually see mold spots on your walls, ceiling, or even on your floors, you need to have the mold cleaned properly and your home repaired to prevent a future problem. If you aren't sure if you are seeing mold or if it's something else, have it tested to be sure, then have the mold remediated to ensure your home is safe.

Mold can be dangerous depending on the type of mold. It can pose a health hazard and leave your home uninhabitable. If you aren't sure if you have a mold issue, hire a professional mold inspection company to have your home tested.