If You Do Your Own Carpet Cleaning, Follow These Tips

30 June 2020
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In most cases, you are best off hiring a professional crew to clean your carpet. Commercial carpet cleaning equipment is more powerful, and the pros have proprietary tactics for getting rid of even the toughest stains. However, sometimes professional cleaning is not an option. If you have to do your own carpet cleaning for any reason, follow these tips for better results.

1. Vacuum very, very thoroughly first.

The more surface dirt you remove from the carpet, the better your carpet cleaner will be able to reach and clean the deeper layers of your carpet. Vacuum the carpet very thoroughly, going over every part three or four times. Make sure you use the appropriate brush attachment and vacuum around the edges with a wand attachment.

2. Use hot water.

Most carpet cleaners heat the water up before ejecting it onto the carpet. Hot water does a better job of loosening dirt and debris. However, carpet cleaners don't have the capacity to heat water too much. The manufacturers generally assume you'll put hot water into the carpet cleaner so the device only has to heat it a few more degrees. Put hot water from the tap, not cool or cold water, into your unit.

3. Pre-treat the stains first.

If there are any stains on your carpet, make sure you pre-treat them before you go over the whole thing with the carpet shampooer. You can do this by spraying the stained areas with a spray made for carpets. Let the cleaner sit, and then blot it away. The carpet cleaner should extract any lingering staining material and cleaning solution from the carpet, so shampoo immediately after you treat the stains.

4. Spray once, suck twice.

The first time you go over the carpet with the shampooer, make sure you spray it and use the suction mode to extract moisture. Then, go over the carpet a second time with only the suction function turned on. This helps suck up more water, so the carpet is not quite as wet when you're finished. This ensures it will dry out faster, which reduces the chance of mold growth.

By following the tips above, you can do a better job of cleaning your own carpet. If you do run into any issues or are not happy with the results, you can contact a carpet cleaning team and have them come out for a professional cleaning. 

For even more tips, reach out to carpet cleaning services in your area.