Four Spring Cleaning And Maintenance Tasks To Keep Dust Away For Longer

18 February 2019
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Do you feel like you are constantly having to clean dust up around the home? Having to dust furniture and other surfaces every single week, or perhaps a few times per week, is a real burden. Thankfully, there are few deep cleaning and maintenance tasks you can complete this spring to reduce dust accumulation in the coming months.

Upgrade your air filter.

When was the last time you changed the air filter in your furnace or HVAC system? If it was more than 2 months ago, this might be one reason why your home is so dusty. The filter is meant to stop dust from coming through your vents, but once it becomes clogged, it stops doing its job. Replace your current filter with one made from pleated cotton. This style tends to be best at catching smaller dust particles. And remember to keep changing your filter every couple of months!

Have your ducts cleaned.

Especially if you have been lax with your filter-changing habits, your ducts may be laden with dust. The dust will then get blown about each time you turn on the heat or air conditioning. You can hire a duct cleaning company to come clean the interiors of your ducts. This should keep your whole home cleaner as long as you then follow up with regular filter changes to keep the ducts cleaned.

Vacuum behind furniture.

Dust tends to accumulate behind furniture and along the bases of walls. But it does not stay there indefinitely. Whenever some air flows through the space, the dust may be displaced and blown back into your living area. This can happen when you open a window or when the heat or AC turns on. Pull all of your furniture away from the walls, and vacuum those areas thoroughly. Make sure you also vacuum the backs of furniture to remove cobwebs and other dust remnants.

Seal your windows and doors.

Dust can also enter your home from outdoors, especially if you live near a road. If there are any cracks along the sides of your windows or doors, as can happen when doors and windows age, seal them with silicone or latex caulk. You should also check the weatherstripping at the bottom of your doors and replace it if it's starting to tear.

With the tips above, you should have fewer problems with dust in the coming year. Hire a professional deep cleaning service if you just don't want to deal with the hassle.