How To Go About Hiring A Janitorial Services Company

9 September 2018
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Bringing in a commercial cleaning service to keep your location looking its best is a good choice, but finding a company you're comfortable working with could take a little time. By asking the right questions before entering into an agreement, you'll be able to make arrangements that suit your budget and your needs. Consider the following when choosing the service that is right for you. 

Types of Jobs

Companies may mean different things when they call themselves commercial cleaning service providers. Some companies are willing to handle everything up to tidying up light industrial sites, while other firms may only deal with offices. Be clear about the demands at your location and the scale of your property, especially if you're dealing with a bigger site. Make sure the folks you'll be dealing with can commit the necessary labor force and equipment to do the job the right way and promptly.


The commercial janitorial services industry attracts a lot of startup businesses, and that can be a good thing for customers in terms of competition. You'll likely want to be dealing with a company that brings some experience to the table, especially if you're asking for help at a location with specialized needs. Present some of the issues your building poses and ask how they've handled these sorts of situations in the past.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

A number of commercial cleaning service providers now make claims about employing environmentally friendly methods, but it's a good idea to ask questions about what this really entails. Is the company a member of a professional organization that actually keep tabs on what their members are doing? Have they been certified by any local, state or federal regulatory agencies? Whoever you hire should be willing to tell you about the application, removal and disposal processes in detail, and they should be open to having their techniques confirmed.


Few commercial janitorial service businesses offer outright, long-term contracts, but most will provide some sort of agreement. Be willing to negotiate for a lower rate in exchange for a longer term. If your site will require regular attention several times a week, that should be a point in your favor for a slightly reduced rate. Bear in mind that no one wants to bid themselves to zero.

Make sure everything is up front regarding costs. Ask about potential sources of additional fees, such as equipment and supplies. Be sure everything that needs to be done is put down in writing.

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