Renting Your Home Out? 3 Prep Steps That Shouldn't Be Overlooked If You Want To Impress Potential Tenants

9 April 2018
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Whether you plan to rent your home out short or long term, it's a good idea to take some extra preparation steps that will help attract new tenants, so your place doesn't sit vacant too long. Following are three prep steps that shouldn't be overlooked:

Update the Appliances

Most people who don't own their own place won't typically own large appliances like fridges and washers, so appliances will likely be important to anyone who decides to rent your home. You can "wow" potential tenants when they tour your home by updating the appliances. Well maintained appliances offer convenience and comfort, and tenants should be willing to pay for both. So, you may be able to ask a higher rental price, compared to competitive rental homes that don't feature all the appliances that yours does.

To update your appliances, just have them inspected and tuned up by a professional to ensure that they're working properly. Any appliances that have scratches or dull paint can be given a makeover with a coat of epoxy appliance spray.

Create a Food Garden

Entice potential tenants by offering them free food while living at your rental home. By creating a food garden in the yard, no matter how small or large, you'll give tenants an opportunity to stay involved with the landscape. Then, they're more likely to play an active role in its care. Tenants will be able to grow fresh vegetables and herbs year-round and save some money on groceries, which is sure to appeal to budget-conscious renters.

You can create a food garden by building a raised bed out of plywood, digging a plot into the ground, or placing a series of large pots next to each other in a designated area. Fill your raised bed, dug plot, or garden pots with soil and fertilizer, and plant a few veggie starters to get the garden going. Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and romaine lettuce are fun options that are easy to care for.

Invest in Exterior Cleaning

You can enhance your home's overall curb appeal and make sure that prospective tenants know that you take good care of your rental home by investing in professionalexterior cleaning services. Having the exterior of your home thoroughly cleaned will get rid of dirt and debris while brightening up the paint to give your place a fresh new look. Professional exterior cleaning will also get rid of mold and mildew buildup, which will help keep your tenants safe and reduce the chance of damage developing over time.