Tips To Maintaining And Using Your Commercial Vacuum Effectively

28 November 2017
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Commercial vacuums are a necessity for any business that has even the smallest amount of carpeting. Whether you have rugs only in the entry-ways or if the entire space is carpeted, you need a vacuum that can handle all of the use that it will get without constantly breaking down. Here, you will learn a few techniques that will help you keep your business looking great and your vacuum functioning well for years to come.

Vacuuming Techniques

Believe it or not, it is possible to vacuum wrong. If you aren't doing it right, the carpeting could become damaged and the deep down dirt will remain.

As you vacuum, go in different directions. Don't follow the same vacuuming pattern each time you run it. Go side to side, back and forth and even at angles so that the carpet fibers are getting moved in every direction to unlock the dirt that is trapped between the fibers.

Make sure that the roller brush isn't set too low. You want the brush gently skimming the surface of the carpeting. The purpose of the brush is to move the fibers around and scoop up the large debris, not get the deep down dirt – the suction has that job.

Vacuum often. High traffic areas should be vacuumed every day. Areas that aren't exposed to traffic as much can be vacuumed every other or every third day. You want to suck the dirt out of the carpet before it becomes trapped in the deep fibers or through the carpeting into the padding.

Vacuum Maintenance

Filters, bags, canisters, hoses and brushes all need your attention.

If the vacuum uses bags, pay attention to how full the bag is. Most bags have lines on them to show you when the bag is full and needs to be replaced. Don't try to save a few cents by putting off a bag-change or the vacuum will become less effective when cleaning.

Check the hoses and filters often. Some filters need to be replaced while others just need to be cleaned. Read the owner's manual for your particular vacuum to learn how to care for the filters. Hoses also need to be cleaned from time to time. This is especially true if you have used the vacuum hose to suck up any moisture.

Brushes and rollers must be checked and cleaned often. You don't want hair and strings wrapping around the rollers because it can eventually build up so much that it causes the belt to break. Use a straight razor to cut along the roller and pull the hair and strings off of the roller

Talk with your local commercial vacuum professional to learn more about maintaining and using your vacuum properly.