3 Tips For Keeping Your Wood Floors Looking Great

28 November 2017
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Wood floors look incredible in most homes, and it is up to you to make sure that the wood floors in your home stay looking great. Here are three tips for keeping your wood floors looking great. 

Invest In A Dust Mop 

You would be shocked at how quickly dust, dirt, and debris can build up on your wood floors. In fact, in order to keep your wood floors clean and looking great, you should spend a couple of minutes each day cleaning them. A great tool to have on hand for this is a dust mop. Dust mops do an excellent job of grabbing all of the particles on your flooring and then locking them into the fibers of the dust mop. This makes it quick and easy for you to run the dust mop over the floor and gather everything up quite effectively. Dust mops also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that is suitable for the size of your wood floors. 

Mop Before Steaming 

Using a steam cleaner on your wood floors is an excellent idea because it simply uses hot water and steam to clean your wood floors and leave them streak free. However. one thing that it may not be the best at is removing anything on your wood floor that is somewhat caked on, such as food, spilled drinks, mud, and more. A great solution to this problem is to mop your floors with a regular mop before you use the steam cleaner. You can use the mop to scrub the spots that are caked on since mops have great scrubbing power without causing damage to your wood floor. You will then go over your floor with the steam mop and it will look great. 

Get Some Rugs For High Traffic Areas

Placing a rug on your wood floor will provide your floors with an added level of protection. Because of this, it is important to place rugs in all of the high traffic areas, such as in front of doors, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. You can use mats underneath the rugs to hold them in place and also to protect your wood floor from any scratches that may occur from the underside of the rug. Large rugs are also perfect for under your kitchen table, your living area, or anywhere that furniture is placed and could potentially scratch your wood floors. 

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