4 Ways You Can Prepare Your Daycare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

23 November 2017
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If you have carpet in your daycare, it is important to get it professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. Professionally cleaning the carpet in your daycare will help remove the dirt, dust and allergens that get stuck in your daycare's carpet fibers. It will help keep your floors clean, which is especially important in a daycare center where children play on the floor. Before you have the professional carpet cleaners come and clean your daycare carpets, there are a few things you can do to prepare your daycare for them.

#1 Set The Thermostat

Before the carpet cleaners show up, you are going to want to turn up the thermostat. If the carpet cleaners are coming on Saturday morning, turn up the thermostat Friday night. If they are coming Friday night, turn up the thermostat Friday morning. Keep the temperature up for about a half a day or so after they leave as well. Keeping your day care a little warmer will help the carpet dry out faster.

Although the carpet cleaning professionals should use fans to speed up the drying process, making your daycare a little warmer will help the drying process as well. If you have a short window of time where the kids are not present for the carpet professionals to do their job, this will help you get the carpet dry for your students again.

#2 Vacuum The Floors

Second, you need to make sure that you vacuum the floors before the carpet cleaners arrive. Presenting the carpet cleaners with as clean a carpet as possible will make their jobs go easier. Especially because a lot of dirt is most likely tracked in and out of your daycare on a daily basis. They will also vacuum your carpet as well; however, if you keep your carpet well vacuumed in your daycare it will be easier for the professional carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpet instead of worrying about surface dirt.

#3 Clear Your Sidewalks

The professional carpet cleaning team that will clean your daycare is going to need to bring in a variety of pieces of equipment. Make sure that it is easy for them to bring their equipment into your daycare. Clear any snow or ice off the sidewalks, and put down salt if you think ice or snow will be an issue for them. Make sure that all playground and outside equipment is put away and not blocking the pathways into your business.

Turning up your thermostat, vacuuming the floors and clearing your sidewalks will make it easier for the professional carpet cleaning team to treat and clean the floors in your daycare.