3 Tips For Cleaning Your Tile And Grout

22 November 2017
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When your tile and grout is first installed in your home, it looks perfect. The tile is bright and shiny and the grout is free from stains and dirt. However, it is inevitable that stains and dirt will accumulate overtime, leading to dull tile and dirty grout. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to properly clean your tile and grout so that they stay looking great for much longer. Here are three great tips for cleaning your tile and grout. 

Use Hydrogen Peroxide And Water 

An excellent cleaning mixture to use contains equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. The hydrogen does an excellent job of breaking down the dirt and stains and removing them from the tile and grout. However, adding equal parts water is important so that the hydrogen peroxide isn't too potent. You can either mix this in a bowl if you are cleaning your entire floor, or you can mix it together in a squirt bottle if you want to have it on hand for spot touch-ups. 

Use A Brush With Stiff Bristles

Your tile and grout are quite durable, so don't be afraid to use a brush that has stiff bristles. It is these stiff bristles that will really work deep into the grout and tile to effectively remove the stains and dirt there. This type of brush can be found at most stores that sell cleaning products. The key is to find one that is long and thin so that it effectively fits into the line of grout, thus allowing you to remove all that is stuck inside of this area. 

Oscillating Scrubbers Are Great For Tile

Because your tile pieces are a lot larger than the grout lines in-between them, they can be very time consuming and labor intensive if you try cleaning them by hand. If it all possible, try renting or purchasing an oscillating scrubber. This type of scrubber essentially spins the entire time that you are cleaning, which will make you have to work a whole lot less. These scrubbers can come as handheld devices or attached to long poles. The handheld scrubbers are generally best for smaller areas, while the poles are good if you need to clean your entire floor. 

Using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water as your cleaner and a stiff bristled brush and oscillating scrubber to clean your grout and tile, can help your tile floors to look as good as new. Contact a company, like My Pro Dry of the Central Coast, for more help.