2 Things You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Floors

18 November 2017
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Knowing how to properly care for your flooring is incredibly important. There are so many people who get their floor put in without educating themselves on how to clean it, and this causes the floor to wear and tear at a faster rate. If you want to preserve your flooring, you will need to fully understand what you should do to care for your flooring. Here are some things you should know

1. Hardwood

Hardwood floors are one of the most common and timeless options. There are so many people who love the look and feel of the hardwood flooring which is why it helps to increase your home value, and help your house feel up to date and warm.

Caring for hardwood is different than other types of flooring. First, you need to make sure that you are protecting the wood from moisture. Wood is very sensitive to changes in temperature as well as moisture. This mean that you need to try and keep the humidity in the house constant. If there are spills on the ground you must clean it up immediately, or else it will soak into the wood. When you mop you should use a microfiber cloth rather than a soaking mop. You can get a small amount of hardwood cleaner and water on the cloth, but you should never full soak it. Lastly, you should expect to stain the wood and have it refinished every couple of years, depending on the wood that you have.

2. Tile

Another common type of flooring is tile. Tile is great because it holds up well to moisture and is easy to care for. This is why it is the most popular choice of flooring in bathrooms, however, many people like the look and feel of tile in the kitchen. Not to mention, it has great functionality. The mail thing you need to know about tile is that there can be grout stains. The grout between each piece of tile can become dirty. This means that you need to use a special type of cleaner for the grout. The actual tiles can be cleaned with soap and water, and it doesn't matter if they get a little wetter. The main thing is just keeping that grout clean.

As you can see there are different types of flooring that you can have in your house. Each has a different function and purpose, and each will be cleaned differently. The important thing is knowing how to care for it.