How To Clean Tile Like A Pro

16 November 2017
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Tile surfaces, whether they be floors or walls, are durable and easy to take care of. There are many different types of tile to choose from, but it is generally considered to be hey low maintenance material. Even though most tiles are extremely strong, no matter what type of tile you install will need some maintenance over the years. Some people install tile without realizing that it needs some TLC. This article explains how to clean tile, and how to prevent your tile from even getting dirty in the first place.

It's All About Keeping Your Tile Sealed

First of all, it is important to realize that not all tiles surfaces are going to need the same amount of maintenance. Obviously, floors usually need most maintenance, if only because they receive the most wear. The most important thing is keeping your tile surface sealed. Most glaze with ceramic tiles don't need to actually be sealed. However, the grout lines still need to be sealed. There are different types of sealant intended for different types of tile. For instance, a natural stone tile will not only need to be sealed more often, it will also need to be sealed with a heavy duty sealant. On the other hand, a ceramic tile floor only needs to be sealed to protect the grout lines.

Keeping Up the Grout Lines

No matter what type of tile you have on your floor, the grout lines are probably going to be the most vulnerable part. They are porous and susceptible to getting dirty, molding, absorbing soap scum, and cracking. Simply put, the grout is usually the weakest part of any tile surface. This is where sealant is extremely important. Cement prevents water from permeating the grout lines, And keeps them much cleaner.

No matter how well your tile floor is sealed, you are going to need to clean on a regular basis. This requires more than simply vacuuming or sweeping your floor. Most importantly, will frequently need to clean the grout lines. This might mean getting down on your hands needs and scrubbing them with the brush, or simply mopping them. Usually, you only need to your floor if it is been a long time since you cleaned. Tile in bathrooms is also going to need to be cleaned more often.

As long as you take the right preventative steps to keep your tile floor sealed, cleaning it won't be that difficult. Contact a company, like Smith-Mathis Inc, for more help.