Five Reasons Why Cleaning Old Shag Carpet May Not Be Worth It

14 November 2017
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Shag carpet from the '70's is pretty old for most carpeting. What little of it that has survived the last forty years and is definitely from that era is not usually in the best condition, or it is located in a bedroom where there was not much foot traffic. If you have old shag carpeting, and you are considering professional carpet cleaning, you might want a consult from the cleaners first. Sometimes it is not worth cleaning carpet this old, and there are plenty of reasons why.

It Is out-of-Date Anyway

Unless you absolutely are in love with this shag carpeting and you believe that you can restore it, replacing it would be a better option. Honestly, this carpeting is quite out-of-date. Even when modern shag carpeting returned in the late '90's, it was not very popular, despite its shorter and scruffier appearance. Most people would just pull out the old shag and put in new carpeting, especially given the expense it takes to clean old shag.

It Is Grueling to Clean

This is the biggest reason why shag carpeting went out of style to begin with. It is grueling to clean. Even professional carpet cleaners know that their machines have to make a couple passes over and through the tall, thick, furry fibers of this carpet to get it looking decent again. Faced with having to professionally clean it a few times a month, most homeowners in the '70's and '80's had their old shag removed.

Deep Cleaning Shag Is Even More Difficult

If you have mud ground into the shag, blood, wine, or anything else that can really stain this carpet, you will need a professional deep clean. That means a pre-treater to help loosen these stains, and a wet scrubbing machine instead of a dry clean or waterless carpet cleaning. If you are old enough to remember what wet carpet cleanings on shag are like, then you also know that a deep clean in shag means that the carpet is going to be a little damp for a day or two.

You May Find That You Do Not Like the Shag's Real Color

Right now, you may see a dirty old shag carpet that is gray, or burnt orange, or army green. Once it is cleaned really well, the carpet could be white, vibrant orange, or avocado green, all colors that are more in tune with '70's decor than what you currently have in your home. You may just decide that these colors are not to your liking, or as is the case with the white carpeting, far too much work to maintain the original color. Of course, you will not know until it is professionally cleaned, but that is a chance (and an expense) you will have to take.

The Expense

Okay, so let's say that you love the old shag carpet, and you want to keep it. Let's also say that you pay to have it deep-cleaned. Wow, that expense is dedication to preservation! There is just one other thing you might want to consider; the expense of maintaining old shag.

As previously mentioned, forty-year-old shag carpet required a good vacuum that would not get carpet fibers pulled out and wound around the wheels. It needed professional carpet cleanings at least twice a month, or weekly if you have white shag carpeting. That could get a little expensive, but if you can swing it, then the cost of cleanings and maintenance does not matter. If you cannot afford that much upkeep for carpeting, it may be time for the shag carpeting to exit your home.